WhatsApp Multi Manager​

Multi Manager​

SkyCRM™ is officially recognized by Meta for WhatsApp API, enabling businesses to manage customer conversations as a team. This enhances communication, improves customer service, and boosts overall team productivity.


WhatsApp Team Management

Tiered Management​

WhatsApp API, unlike standard WhatsApp Business, allows for tiered management where different user levels can be assigned varying permissions. This enables setting review and operation permissions based on user levels.

Assigning Follow-ups​

Easily allocate different agents with appropriate permissions for conversations and switch as needed for a better customer

Conversation Management​

Multi-Agent Conversation

SkyCRM™ allows seamless collaboration in customer conversations. Different agents can join to address specific issues, all within a single chat box. You can add or remove agents as needed to address customer inquiries.

CRM Integration​

SkyCRM™ integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp API, enhancing its marketing capabilities. Customer data is automatically imported into CRM during WhatsApp conversations, streamlining management, reducing repetitive data entry, and enabling personalized marketing for better business prospects.

Unified Message Management

SkyCRM™ consolidates messages from multiple channels, providing unified management of customer data, communication, monitoring and managing customer service performance within the system.

Live Customer
Support /Chatbots​

SkyCRM™ seamlessly combines live customer support with chatbot services to efficiently manage messages and respond quickly to customer inquiries, providing 24-hour customer service.

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