Automated WhatsApp Form

Automated WhatsApp Form

WhatsApp Form and SkyCRM™ integration enhances business-customer connections, facilitating long-term relationships through automated online and offline customized marketing forms. This innovation marks the future of marketing and a new chapter in success.

SkyCRM™ x WhatsApp Form

8 Key Features

Fully Automated,
Simplified Processes

Automatic Synchronization of Customer Data, Eliminating Manual Data Entry

Unified Management of Customer Data

Instant Order Confirmation

Increased Customer Interaction Rates

Payment Collection Support

Distribution of E-coupons/Promotional Coupons

Personalized Marketing

Streamline your marketing with SkyCRM™

Streamline your marketing with SkyCRM™

Automate tasks, boost efficiency, and increase agility

Versatile Application Scenarios

kyCRM™ is suitable for any online platform targeting potential customers and provides various services for offline businesses:



The First Step in Connecting with Potential Customers

Automatically Syncs Customer Information

Personalized message replies and push notifications

Supports payment collection



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