Automation Message

Automation Message

Redefining Customer Interaction

SkyCRM™ Automation transforms customer engagement, ensuring each customer feels valued and boosting their trust in your business.

3 Core Automation Functions

1. Automatic
Information Dispatch

SkyCRM™ can automatically send targeted messages based on pre-set customer progress processes, ensuring timely and accurate information delivery without manual intervention.

2. Automatic
Reminder Messages

Systematically pushes pre-set messages according to the customer’s consumption process, automating customer conversion through targeted interactions.

3. Conditional
Promotional Information

Whether it’s a specific time, action, or customer need, the system automatically sends promotional messages based on pre-set conditions, improving sales conversion rates.



1. 自動發送指定資訊


2. 自動提示訊息


3. 按特定條件發放優惠資訊


4. WhatsApp Flow Robot自動引領客戶回覆指定答案

透過 WhatsApp Flow Robot引導客戶回覆你設定的指定答案。藉此,引導客戶自動化瞭解產品資訊,促使完成購買,從而提升客戶參與度和購買意願。

5. WhatsApp Flow Robot自動引領客戶選擇特定選項

WhatsApp Flow Robot能夠引導客戶在你所設定的特定選項中做出選擇,從而更更精准的為客戶提供相關資料。方便客戶,也更好地瞭解客戶需求,進而提供更個性化的服務和產品資訊。

Fully Automated Marketing Plan

More Professional, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

Enhanced Customer Engagement
Automated messages for specific stages maintain continuous interaction, providing necessary information and addressing potential concerns.
Increased Customer Participation
 By offering accurate and timely information at each stage, customer engagement and guidance through the consumption process are stimulated, promoting conversion.
Automated Conversion Process
By offering accurate and timely information at each stage, customer engagement and guidance through the consumption process are stimulated, promoting conversion.
Personalized Experience
Automated prompts based on the customer's consumption process offer a personalized experience, ensuring every customer receives needed information, thereby strengthening their connection with the business.

SkyCRM™ Automation

Achieve more efficient and personalized customer interaction!

Achieve more efficient
and personalized customer interaction!

Leverage SkyCRM™'s Automatic Prompt Feature

Beyond regular marketing, it captures opportunities and meets customer needs precisely. Use the feature to interact more effectively and promote conversion with customized marketing prompts, seizing business opportunities instantly.

Leverage SkyCRM™’s Automatic Prompt Feature:

Birthday reminders

no-show reminders

Package expiration reminders

Festive promotion reminders

Restocking reminders

New product promotion reminders

Comprehensive Automation Features

WhatsApp Interactive Messaging

SkyCRM™ offers a 24-hour bot auto-reply function that guides customers to the best solutions, capturing optimal marketing moments, and improving booking and transaction rates.

CDP Data Tracking

Automatically tags preferences and categorizes customer interests from browsing behavior, enabling targeted marketing and retargeting for more personalized and precise advertising.

Automatic Real Person Customer Service Allocation

During the dialogue, key customer information can be recorded using the note box function, improving the entire customer follow-up process, increasing satisfaction, and optimizing the customer experience.


全面自動 營銷更輕鬆

24 X 7 自動回覆 即時互動






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