SkyCRM™ Marketing System

Instant New Customer Acquisition

Instant New Customer Acquisition

  • Instant Customer Acquisition
  • Immediate Interaction
  • Boost Purchases

SkyCRM™ uses WhatsApp API and NFC for easy marketing automation, instantly connecting with customers to boost sales and lead the market.



Instant Interaction

Connect with customers instantly, boosting engagement and speeding up purchase decisions.

Instant Info Access

Tap NFC to get deals and product info fast, making customers more likely to buy.

Ease and Speed

NFC cuts out the hassle of manual entry and searching, improving the shopping experience and speeding up service.

ESG Workflow

Ditches paper for digital, saving time and reducing waste.

Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing

Just a beep to quickly capture new customer information, making marketing more efficient and easy!

Automated Replies

Capture numbers via NFC; auto-send coupons on WhatsApp.

Coupon System

Simplify access and redemption; increase loyalty and visits.

Board cast Message

Use SkyCRM™ to target promotions based on customer data.

Automated Reminder

Send preset messages to enhance the customer 

Multi-Scenario Application

The SkyCRM™ marketing system is suitable for various scenarios. Regardless of your business domain, our system can quickly and accurately capture potential customers, achieving higher conversions.

Restaurants, Retail Physical Stores

Exhibitions or PopUp Stores

Seminars or Training Courses

Brand Promotion Events

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Other Features


Where Marketing Meets Efficiency

Where Marketing Meets Efficiency